Saturday, October 2, 2010

White Tailed Kite

Yesterday afternoon Minae showed up with this White Tailed Kite that had landed in someones backyard and was not able to fly well. I had always thought "only owls"...but when this poor guy was in a laundry basket at my front gate I changed my mind! Well, we took him to the large flight and he was able to fly a bit, but not really well. He was alert and at times would scream at after he fell to the ground I put him in a small cage, covered him for the night and gave him some food to eat. This morning he had eaten well, was much more alert and actually messing his feathers up in the small cage. I quickly grabbed him and took him back to the large flight and today he was able to fly!
So, we caught him up, walked down to the creek and he was on my gloved hand and he looked at me, then saw the trees and took flight, over the creek and up a small hill until I could not see him! It was such a great feeling having him fly off my hand. So, Yeah!!! Great way to start my day.


  1. wow- beautiful bird. It is a great thing that you can do to help these birds in their time of need. I will be back to read more of your stories. I am your newest follower- please come over to my blog and say hello and follow me back.

  2. Leslie, One of the best things about rehabbing birds is the part where you can toss them into the wind and watch them leave without a backward glance. We don't get kites here so was great to see the one you had.

  3. What a wonderful place you have there :)

    I read all of your posts. Fascinating to learn more about these wonderful animals and heartwarming to here how well they are doing in your care.

    Just swung by post blog hop :)
    Followin your story,

  4. Just hoppin' around and stopped to read about your fantastic day.
    Hawk aka BrownDog