Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank You- School Donations!

A HUGE Thank You to many Schools who have helped us with Fund Raising!

First I would like to thank the Roots and Shoots program in Shanghi China, Pinghe International School for their kind donation towards building a nice habitat for Issy the Spider Monkey...we are closer to our goal because of their efforts. They painted these tote bags before Christmas and sold them!

Thanks so much! I am using my Owl bag now and everywhere I go people ask me about it!!

Lincoln School here in Costa Rica, has been a great support! They have attended our educational programs and also collected newspapers, and donations. In Feb. for Valentines Day the first graders purchased nuts for all the parrots, and made these cute boxes decorated for the birds filled with nuts. It's such a joy to see the children so excited and enthused about our program! Plus, some of the other classes are signed up to attend.

Java our cockatoo LOVED the boxes!

Last year two teachers from Whitney M Young Magnet High School in Chicago came to visit The Toucan Rescue Ranch, they went home and started the first Skype program with students! We were able to speak with the students, show some of our animals and answer questions all via Skype. The classes went on to do some fund raising and also sent us a generous gift, towards the enclosure for Issy.

Thanks also to several of our Bed and Breakfast Clients for their kind donations, tours and also Cornerstone Builders in Atlanta, the Doyle Family and Di Lorenzo Family.

In other news it's breeding season and one of the little Emerald Toucanets gave us a huge scare the other day when we thought she might be egg bound...well later that night she laid this huge egg,

So we carefully transfered it back to the nest log and she seems to be fine!

The female Mottled owl has been laying eggs, I put one under a brooding hen and the hen cracked it. So, now with this egg I am going to try the incubator, but I really think they are not fertile since both her partners are lacking wings...I will keep you posted!

Little Georgie is finally weaned from milk but not his fingers!