Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great birding and sloths at the farm!

Male Scarlet tanager(non-breeding Feathers) Golden-hooded Tanager

Male and female Green Honeycreepers

We managed to escape to the farm for an overnight mini vacation! It was great to get away, although we are always nervous to leave everyone behind! It rained so hard on the way there crossing the mountain pass rain forest that we almost turned around and the same on the way home, but we made it!

That night it poured down rain so hard I was a little nervous about crossing the bridge that goes over 2 creeks on our property, but by morning it was sunny again.

Collared Aracaris

I had breakfast on the porch of our little ranch house and had company at the feeders! and in the trees! I woke up to the song of Swainson's toucans and then sat and watched Mealy amazons have breakfast of guavas in the tree in front of the house.

Then I took a hike around the farm, which is 15 acres while Jorge went in to the other farm that is 25 acres. I found a tree in fruit which was FULL of birds! Then while I stayed there to take photos and work on identification there was a young three toed sloth coming down a tree right next to me. The howler monkeys were in the bamboo over the creek and I was in Paradise!

Then up a bit on the other side of the creek I found this older sloth so green from all the moss trying to dry out in the sun.

Beautiful day, I am so lucky to have the farms, and just an hour drive from the main house!

When I went to pick star fruits to bring home this Chestnut-colored Woodpecker was right in front of me!

Enjoy the photos.

P.S. New Mealy Amazon, new crimson fronted parakeet and 5 parrots and several small birds coming in tomorrow from down we shall see what shows up! Will keep you posted.


  1. Wow just fabulous.

    Incredible place you live in.

    Thank you so much for sharing the photos of the birds and sloths. Such wonderful creatures!

    Wag on,

  2. Hi Leslie - Thanks for the wonderful stay there last weekend, Lisa and I had a great time!

    One small note: your Cinnamon Woodpecker is actually a Chestnut-colored Woodpecker :-) notice the huge crest and the uniform brownish color extending to the belly.