Saturday, October 23, 2010

It continues, but good news!

Another phone call and another car full of confiscated birds. 11 Solitares and about 15 small birds. Some sadly did not survive the first night. But the good news is that today most of the Solitares are being released up by Poas Volcano!
My biologist friend is driving a car full of the last 2 groups of confiscated birds to an area that is off the main road where there are not that many trappers.
The last two days we had children here for educational groups. When we do educational tours, someone always has a pet bird. So, we talk about the importance of taking care of the ones you have, and not purchasing more from the trappers. As always, I say, please do not give your amazons coffee and bread, and your toucan only papaya...the heads nod, giggles start, and we have an honest conversation about nutrition. Education is the only way to help our feathered friends, and the sloths, porcupines, monkeys....all wild animals of Costa Rica :)

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