Monday, October 18, 2010

Confiscated by Fish and Wildlife, very Sad

These young parrots were part of a group of 7 parrots, and 10 small song birds that were confiscated by Minae last week. We received a call from one of the representatives down south to see if we would accept these birds, because he had called all around and everyone had refused to accept he was really counting on us helping, so of course we said yes. The officer of Minae had to get up at 5 am and drive for 4 hours to bring these birds to us. He is very dedicated. He opened the back of the car and you can see what I saw:

These little song bird, seed eaters were given to my biologist friend to try and release. He has a farm in the middle of the country where he has a mobile cage set up over grasses that these birds eat (seeds of the grass) and so he puts them in there and watches their progress and eventually has been able to release birds this way :)

Poop, poop, poop, sunflower seed and dirty horrible conditions.

This little one is very ill and completely emaciated...we started a protocol of hand feeding and antibiotics to see if we can get her to gain some weight and make progress.
I think the folks that had these birds thought that since the bird had feathers it was OK to be on it's own, but this one is still a baby that needs hand feeding. No telling how long he has been without food, he is extremely weak. Luckily for him, he has a buddy that is showing him how to eat and keeping him warm!
We think these are young Crimson fronted parakeets, when they are older we will know for sure.
Then there is this cute trio of Orange chinned parakeets, they look pretty good, have horrible wing clips, but generally are much better than the others. They have not stopped eating and started to fight for the food when they first came. Now they are settling down and eating normally, like happy little parrots.

And finally this Mealy Amazon came in from the University Vet School, he has been some ones pet for a long time, but they dropped him off at the school saying they want him to be free. If only it was that easy. He has been in captivity for his whole life, he does not seem that young and is totally used to humans and probably would not have a clue as to how to survive. For days he just sat in the cage with his head down...and it was really bothering me, then I realized that he was used to being in such a small cage he did not raise his head! Very sad, but I do think I am right. He has been here for three weeks and now eats fresh food (which he was scared of at first), is playing with toys and holding his head higher :)

This is the SAD REALITY that these birds live, at the abuse of us humans. They should be free and not having to live this way. These are the "lucky" ones that ended up here where we can help and love them, however for every group like this there are many more that are dying in captivity, going to the pet trade.
PLEASE help us HELP these! Adopt a parrot today!!! Your donation can help in so many ways.
Thank you all for your support, they really need our help! If you are on Facebook or any other mailing lists, please post this so that everyone can see and the more people that see our page, the more help we might receive.

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