Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall.....

Who is the Fuzziest of them all???  Ty!

                          Look Ma, no hands!
He is really getting to be a good climber, in between these sessions he got nervous and started to cry, but then would regain his confidence and go for it!!
Just in case you are wondering why I have not written for awhile, I have been busy with yes....another one...

Meet little Hanna, who was found on an empty injuries, in perfect health...we could not figure out what happened that she lost her mother, but after a few days we think we know.  You see Hanna is an expert climber for her age, fearless.  I left her in her sloth bucket sound asleep and went to take a quick shower.  When I came out she was gone...I looked around the floor, nothing, panic started to set in, then out of the corner of my eye I saw something really high...there was Hanna hanging off the door frame to the spare room!  I actually think she just wandered away and fell to the ground.  We will never know, but we have to keep a very close eye on her here!!
So, yes, I have 4 sloth babies that do not sleep at night and still need feedings, Hanna, Ty, Twili and Andie.  Oh, and I must not forget little Mikey (more on him later)

Andie has been getting out more and also practicing climbing skills, reluctantly.

Little Mikey, not sure if he is a Tropical Screech or Pacific screech owl until he gets his adult plumage in!  Some ladies cat delivered two baby owls to her doorstep, unfortunately the smallest one was already dead, and this one managed to survive with our help!

Making good progress!

Last friday evening a nice couple showed up at our gate with a very small cage.  They said they were hiking up in the rainforest and came across this iguana locked in this tiny cage thrown into the bushes, would we take it.  Well reptiles are not really our expertise, but we do take them and let them go at the farm.  So, here he is.  We do not understand...if someone did not want him, why not just let him go, instead of condemning him to a slow death in this small cage...we deal with injured animals daily, but abuse is always very difficult to accept.
Jorge took him to the farm today to release him, the road was closed for several days due to a landslide and today is the first day he could get over the mountains.

Family of 5 Keel billed toucans visits our farm!
Someone recently wrote a nasty note on youtube about protecting the environment instead of saving species in captivity...I jumped on the chance to say...yes, please help us by making a donation so that we can purchase surrounding farm land for protection!!  Of course, no donation appeared...however, some folks don't know that we actually have two farms, one of 25 acres and the other of 16 acres.  There are 3 farms in between, 2 owners, and our dream is to purchase and preserve this land. We can then declare it a Refugio de Vida Silvestre, keep it protected, start a volunteer program and our release program for toucans.
Jorge just got in from the farm...he said the iguana was happy to be free, he released her in a fruiting tree by the creek and saw a two toed sloth with a baby!!!  will have to escape next week to try to find them to take a picture!
All the more reason to protect our farms!
We are breaking ground tomorrow on a series of 5 breeding enclosures for the toucans...will keep you posted, this is very exciting news!
Happy Father's day to all.