Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thanks to Cornerstone Builders-Atlanta!

Thanks so much to Cornerstone Builders in Atlanta!

My brother and his wife, David and Jenny Hutchison run this great re-model company in Atlanta. They are extremely creative and do lovely additions on historical homes.

Check out their website at

After coming to visit with their three adorable girls they went back home and decided that they would like to help with donations! So, here are the names of their very nice clients who have donated to The Toucan Rescue Ranch. Hopefully one day they can all come down and visit!

The Stouffer Family, The Aliffi Family, Claude and Linda Terry, The Tsiotras-Toktay Family, Annalisa Bracco, Cheri and Jim Hutchens, The Crawford Family, Paula Vaughan,
The Dourron Family. A huge Thanks goes to you from all of us here at The Toucan Rescue Ranch!

Here are my nieces helping chop fruit in the kitchen.

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