Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleepless in Costa Rica!

Meet Milo, he is a two year old rescued sloth who came to us extremely ill and had a long a difficult recovery... however now he is a thriving young sloth with tons of energy! Really energy.

BS stands for Before Sloths came into my life, all of our rescues were birds that would go to sleep at 6pm and that was it! I had the night off to cook dinner and watch some TV or read a good book...well, that all changed with the nocturnal two toed sloths!

Many of you know that sloths only go to the bathroom once every 3-4 days in captivity, once a week in the wild. So, we have a sloth pee poo calendar...and last night was Millie's night. While I was waiting up for her to go 11pm, I started to flip TV channels and came across one of those terrible kid shows where the nanny comes in and saves the day ...so I watched for a bit, while I held Georgie, trying to get him to sleep. The kids were really terrible screamers and refusing to go to bed and keeping the parents up all night. I hugged and kissed Georgie and said, "I'm so glad I have you!".... Millie finally went, came inside and it started to pour down rain.

Well, when sloths go, they get tons of energy and especially with rain storms, they are awake and looking for shelter...now, of course the sloths living with me in the house have shelter, but none the less, they are active.

So, my sleepless night started with Millie waking me up at 2am making noise in her kennel, then Milo was up, then Georgie. So, I got up and Milo was the most active, so I got him out and put him into his daytime sleeping bucket, full of blankets and stuffed toys and went back to bed. We do this about once a week and he goes right back to sleep...not last night! I could hear him up and wondering around the couch, and then making noises with his claws on the plastic bucket, like he was trying to go back to sleep, so we did this back and forth thing several times...I laid back in bed around 3:30am thinking about the screaming kids and thought the only difference is that Milo is not screaming...Thank Goodness!...but I am awake just like those poor parents!

Up again at 4am then again at 5am I gave up trying to sleep, made some coffee and came to write! Good thing we grow our own coffee and I have a ready supply to keep me going with the sloths...now that is a joke...I need caffeine to keep up with the sloths!

Of course now he is sound asleep and looking like a little angel, and will sleep all day while I have everyone else to take care of! Good news is tonight I will probably sleep, that is of course unless Georgie or Millie decide to have an energy boost!


  1. Until we met you, I never realized that sloths had such a crazy schedule. And I still don't know how you do it between their schedule, and all the feedings and schedules of the other animals. Though, it does make for interesting reading.

  2. What a great blog!!! I've always had a fondness for sloths, but then I've never lived with one. I look forward to meeting all your extended family members.