Saturday, September 11, 2010

Problems during the night!

Two nights ago the dogs were really barking, and I heard the toucanets and small parrots flying around in the enclosures (which they should not be doing at night!) so I got the large flashlight and went out to see what was startling them. On the cage wire was a small opossum trying to get in to eat the birds. With all the commotion and light he took off. Now we have had problems at night before with opossums and I did not want another night time fiasco. So, last night I got a live trap out, set it up with bait and put it behind the cages. Again I heard noises and sure enough, this morning I had the little guy in my trap!

Now, most folks here would say, just kill it. But he is a living creature and deserves to have his life, just not eating my birds or on our property, so I took him a few miles away to a nice wooded area with a creek and let him go :)

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