Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Georgie 9 months!

Georgie is 9 months old! He is a rescued two-toed sloth that has been here since he was about 1 week old. He is growing up, getting bigger and doing great. He is a fearless climber! We have nick-named him King Kong at night, since that is when he is more awake and quite a handful.

He is still on his goats milk formula with solid foods as well, and this is how I start and end each day, feeding Georgie.


  1. Georgie is growing up so fast! He is still totally adorable.

    Really excited that you are blogging and Becca and I are looking forward to reading your updates and seeing new pictures.

  2. It is so great to see him getting bigger. I remember how much he was was like King Kong when he was climbing up the curtains. It's great to see your blog up and running! We're excited to follow your daily adventures.

  3. Georgie is a dear little fellow! What a lucky lady you are. And busy!

  4. Hopped by to say hi! Happy blog hop.

  5. I'm glad we found your blog. Georgie is a doll. I've always had a soft spot for sloths, since I saw one in a zoo many years ago.