Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Spectacled Owl

This lovely spectacled owl came in from the Caribbean coast. She was injured and someone found her and took her to the local police station. The days went by, shifts of different police came and went and they kept forgetting to call Minaet to pick her up.
She spent four days with no food or water, in pain and loosing her will to survive.
Finally someone remembered her and called. They went immediately to pick her up and drove her several hours to us.
We started fluid therapy right away since she was so dehydrated, my good friend Jenny from was with me every step of the way via skype and e-mails! Thank You!!
We were not sure if she was going to survive, it was touch and go for a few days, I was up at 3am giving fluids and trying to get her to eat some food!  She was a very good patient and cooperated.
She is doing so much better, she is now upright, much more active and has gained 100g. in just a week of being here. She has a head injury and fractured wing. The vet is coming up this weekend to check on her and see if we have to amputate her wing (I sure hope not!) and check to see if she has vision in her left eye. 
Zoom Zoom and Flash are doing great, growing leaps and bounds!  Proud parents are very attentive and doing a great job of caring for these young ones.  
Lately I have been The Owl Rescue Ranch!
Are you looking to "Adopt" one of our beautiful birds, sloths or animals for the Holidays???
My niece was able to fund raise $200 to go towards these lovely baby owls, we are trying to raise $2000 to build a long flight training cage, so that we have an area to train owls and other birds for release.  The cage would be built here on our property by the creek, which is like a mini rain forest.  Is anyone willing to match this donation?  Please help us out, we need just 9 people to match this initial donation to meet our goal.
As you can see, these babies are growing fast, we need to start construction right away!
I will be posting updates and some other "Adoption" ideas for the holidays.
We have a new Face Book page, so sign up!  and you can also follow us on Twitter!!  yes, I am getting help with all of this!!
And new website coming soon.  Check out the links below.
Thank you all for your support!

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