Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Breaking News!

Owlets hatched!
We are very proud to announce our first breeding of Striped Owls.
The first chick hatched out two days ago and the second chick today.  She had two fertile eggs.  Mother and babies are doing just fine and the other owls in the enclosure come to visit, one is the proud Dad, but I have not figured out which of the two is the Dad!!
Striped owls are interesting because they nest on or close to the ground.  This mom, has been sitting on her eggs for around 33 days.
They have already been "adopted" by my niece Mari and her friends.  They recently ran a 5K race in honor of the Toucan Rescue Ranch, and asked at the time who they could adopt, they had come up with two names:
Flash and Zoom Zoom, so I said, well, we have this owl on eggs.....and sure enough they have hatched.  Thank you team toucan so much!!
This has been an exciting few days!!  We will be monitoring these babies closely, and will work with a biologist, and my great friend Jenny Papka of
to see if we can eventually release these two owls right here at The Toucan Rescue Ranch.

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