Monday, June 6, 2011

Toucan babies and Sloth emergency

We received an urgent phone call last friday, a week ago and it was someone from our local fish and wildlife department asking if we would be willing to help with toucan babies that were in a tree that someone cut down.

Apparently they did not realize there was not only one nest, but TWO.

Poor parents when they flew back to realize that their nest tree was on the ground...there were two nests, one of Keel billed toucans, and another of Collared Aracaris, each with three babies in the nests.

So, they picked them up and drove 3 hours to bring them to us, and we placed them in a brooder in my kitchen! They were very dehydrated and not doing that well, but in a few days they woke up and are now doing great. We have been on 2 hour feedings from 6am until 11pm, and daily weights, overall an extremely exhausting job, but as my

Mother says, "rewarding"...indeed!

It's been 10 days and as you can see, they are making great progress!! If you would like to see a video of them at feeding time check us out on Youtube at:

Update on Charly....took her first flight across the room and outside today!!! She was very excited, and is now starting to eat a bit on her own...still cannot use her feet very well, but really motivated!

We also received a phone call for a Sloth Emergency...this juvenile two toed sloth had been in a fight with another sloth, and possibly either fell from a great distance or was hit by a car...we don't really know, but he came in dehydrated and in pain. He refused to eat for four days, was in pain and refused to use his arms. He spent a day at the vets office, having x-rays, and good news nothing is broken. He finally started to eat and is more awake and energetic at night. He will use the one arm sometimes to hold food, but is not using is other arm. So, until he can use both arms again and climb successfully we cannot release him. The plan is to release him at our farm into the large Almond tree (his favorite leaf), but it might take awhile for him to heal. As you know, sloth's are sloooowwwww.

We named him Marley.

So if any of you have any brilliant fund raising ideas, please let me know!! As you can see, we are constantly expanding and will now need several new Toucan Flights!!

Thanks for your support!


  1. Oh, you do have the ever-expanding group. We'll be thinking...

  2. You do such good work :)
    I will be thinking pawsitive thoughts toward your fundraising needs!

    Waggin at ya,