Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pictorial Update!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!
We have been super busy all month with guests and our rescued is a pictorial update!

Millie is 4!! She had a very special day outside and had almond leaves and loved the nice weather. After this she got to take a nice nap in the hammock with slothmom Leslie!!

A friend of Jorge's at the farm called and his dogs had attacked a mother Whistling duck who was sitting on eggs, so he collected her up with the eggs and turned them over to Jorge to bring home!
Mom is fine, but with all the commotion she would not sit on the eggs, so I placed them under a chicken, then in the incubator, and with all the changes in humidity there were problems with the hatch. It is very complicated, but I will tell you that after much hesitation I decided to assist the hatch, it's a long process, started at 7pm and ended at 2am....several hatched, but died a day later, so we have the brave survivors and Jorge has been playing Mom to them!! Ralph our whistling duck is very excited to finally have company, he cruises by their cage every couple of hours to check on them as well. Mom is going back to the farm soon to be released there.

Our smallest parrot rescue last fall turned out to be another Crimson fronted parrot. It took so long for the red to appear we thought she might be a green conure instead! She is doing great, but is very small compared to the other crimson parrots. She likes to visit with our guests.
We have been planting more hummingbird, butterfly gardens and noticed one day this very small hummer, I thought it was a moth at first! But we are now very excited and proud to report that the small one is actually a Scintillant Hummingbird!
They are the smallest and are only found here in Costa Rica and western Panama. In the photo you cannot see the brilliant orange gorget, but it is there. They only weigh 2-2.3 grams. They also make a buzzing noise with their wings.

A little hard to see, but look closely in this hole and you can see a Mottled Owl nesting! I found her in town on the edge of the river!! will keep you posted on this one.

Georgie is growing up quickly, he has also been enjoying the great weather outdoors!

Many of you know the sad story of Lorita, well she is doing great and this is her taking a huge bath in one of our first rainstorms!

We have had a visiting toucan for the last several weeks. He is feeding one of our females and fighting with the males! We put up a feeder in the tree for him and he is also eating native fruits from the trees. We are not sure if he is wild or someones escaped pet! They are not from this area, so I am guessing on a pet, but he can fly really well! It's fun to have him around!

Farm report: Lots of woodpeckers, this beautiful Chestnut-colored woodpecker loves the papaya, and I came across this three toed sloth with a tiny baby (see the little lump on her stomach and the tiny leg holding on) I think this is Hershey who I have seen many times, last year also with a baby....she's a good Mom.

Well, that is our update for now! Happy Easter and Spring to everyone and thanks so much for your support, we hope to start the cage for Isadora the monkey in July :)

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  1. Such wonderful news about all the furry and feathered friends :) Thanks for the very enjoyable pictorial :D

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