Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Una is doing really well, it's hard to tell from this photo, but she now has many more feathers and her green is brighter! She talks non stop and the vet. has fallen in love with her, so she has found a good home with them!

The other day we were at the farm, the water apples were fruiting and everyone loves them! The tree was full of toucans, chachalacas, and next door were the monkeys! It was great fun to watch, and we collected up a bunch to bring home to our toucans here!
New Arrival! A very nice chesnut mandible toucan showed up in the patio of this nice family, who took her in and fed her. They called Minae and I went to pick her up. She is totally socialized, and is the first toucan that I have received in fairly good health! She probably was someone's pet and she escaped and was lost. She is adjusting well and seems to like the other birds, so we will integrate her into a flight soon.

Lin Loves the was very hot at the farm!!
We also cut up a log that had fallen down to bring back home to make nest logs for the toucans.

These are the collared aracaris that were sitting up in my tree all day visiting our crew!

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  1. So good to hear everyone is doing so well! :D

    You're such good caregivers (((HUGS)))

    Waggin at ya,