Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three Toed Sloth at farm needed some help!

We have been so very busy here at The Toucan Rescue Ranch with our animals, guests, tours and volunteers! That I was in real need of a bit of a break, so I escaped to the farm for the day.

I was excited to see Karla and Lin our farm dogs, and take a nice walk in the forest with them. There were lots of different birds, parrots, oropendulas, 4 different woodpeckers and it was not that hot, so I was enjoying myself. I crossed both streams, and up to the corner of the property line when I came across this young Three Toed Sloth who needed a bit of help! She had climbed up the post of the wire fence and was just realizing she was in trouble when I arrived. I really did not want to touch her and upset her, so I "coached" her from the other side of the fence, I was laying in the mud, getting eaten by mosquitos and talking to her so that she would know that I was there and move away.....ever so slowly.

Once she made it off the wires, and under the fence she took a nice little siesta. You can see her relaxing here. She was so green from all the algae growing on her fur, and she was covered with moths! You can see one on her head in this photo. It was very tempting to start to pick them off, but such is nature. The moths live in the fur and eat the algae.

I had so much fun just sitting with her for quite some time, before she woke up again and decided with my encouragement to get moving and find a tree to climb, ever so slowly she started to walk towards the trees, selected one and climbed up on her way again.

Smiling and happy to be off again after a nice rest. Funny how she just happened to be in that spot the other day right when I was there...it made my day!
In other news...Jorge rescued some baby chicks today from the chicken factory, and a Great Curassow the other day...we had some great volunteers for 10 days, Jou Jou is finally spending her lively nights out on the porch in a large cage, she is doing great, and today we had 3 visiting Collared Aracaris here at our main house...which is very strange...I have a call into my biologist friend to ask him about these birds coming into this area...global warming, weird weather, changing patterns?
So, I will post again soon with some photos!


  1. Wow, we've never seen a three-toed sloth! And we never knew about the moths and the algae. And good job rescuing the baby chicks. You have an exciting life, don't you!

  2. Wow, that is so neat! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. thank you for introducing us to your wildlife. How amazing to spend an afternoon helping to make sure a wild animal stays safe. Thanks for linking up with the Pet Bloggers Blog hop. Have an awesome weekend.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

  4. Hi just popped by via blog hop, and are now following you, keep up the good work
    See Yea George xxx