Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rainforest Presentation and Visiting Vets!

Once again Lincoln School first graders have been very involved with the Toucan Rescue Ranch.  They collected a truck load of old newspapers for us to use in our cages and they put on this tremendous Rainforest Production.  Unfortunately I could not load a video, but they told stories, sang songs and danced away to benefit the Toucan Rescue Ranch!!
The theater was packed, I attended with a toucan, an owl, Georgie the sloth and Twili the little baby sloth.  The teachers are incredible at Lincoln, so involved and truly supportive.
Thank you so much!!

We had a group of veterinarians visiting from Venezuela, and Minaet/Sinac asked if I could do a tour with emphasis on how to handle wild off we went enclosure by enclosure and demonstrated how to pick up a sloth if it is on the ground, how to pick up a porcupine etc.  It was great fun, and they were really very interested in our work!
We also received a call from the University Veterinary School of Heredia. They had a visiting vet from the states, Dr. Kay Backues, President American Association of Zoo Veterinarians who was visiting to give a course in Avian Medicine.  About 8 Costa Rican Vets and Dr. Kay came up to "practice" on our birds.  It was a great learning oportunity for me as well, and so incredible to see a true Avian specialist in action!
Necropsy Results on Sydney Sloth are in, she is the sloth that was found wrapped up in barbed wire, she died of a slow internal hemmorage.  It is always difficult when a rescue dies. We always ask our vet Janet to perform a necropsy so that we can learn and understand why they died.  In her case it is good to know and have an explanation.

Animal Updates Next!  New arrivals, difficult cases, and visitors: Jerry Jennings, toucan expert and Frank Todd, penguin expert! 

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