Friday, December 9, 2011

Sloth-Squirrel-Farm Update!

Our good friend Karen made Christmas sloth blankets for all the sloths!! As you can see they love them...Thanks Karen!

Little Twili had a vet check up yesterday and she is doing great! Growing ever soooooo sloooowly...which is good for a sloth.

Farm Update!

We visited the farm last week with our good friend Jerry Jennings and a professional photographer friend of his Paul...I was nervous that the animals and birds might be hiding, but we were very lucky! I wanted them to see toucans and they appeared at the feeders in front of the house! Jerry is a world famous Toucan Breeder and conservation enthusiast, check out his website for all the toucan infomation you will ever need!

Then we had this very close encounter with a friendly three toed sloth.

Here at the main house we have been having several new hummingbirds arrive! Here is the beautiful Purple throated mountain gem!

The Whistling Ducks have discovered the mirror in our display case on the porch and every morning they are on the here greeting the ducks in the mirror :) and making a mess of the porch!

LuLu the squirrel has been out on her own for about a month, everyday she comes to visit and she has made a huge nest in the tree by the house...she seems to be doing fine and there are several squirrels around that she can get to know. Here is Jerry Jennings visiting with LuLu and Jorge as well.

Our coffee is drying and will be going to the local roaster soon!

The new guest house is almost done! The windows are in, tiles all done, they are working on the intricate bamboo ceiling and it is really beautiful, I keep joking that I am actually moving out to the guest house to get some rest!

Next blog will be soon with Christmas ideas! Please give the gift of life and hope to our rescued, ornaments and ideas for adoption in the next segment! Donations are kindly accepted via Paypal on our blog.

Thank you from the animals!!


  1. All of our furry and feathery furiends look very happy and healthy Yay! The sloth blankets look so cozy :D

    Happy Holidays to all of you,

  2. I sent you an email--I am interested in writing a story about your rescue for my Houston Chronicle blog which goes all over the world. Please read my email/follow the directions if you are interested in doing a story from My blog is
    Thank you! Jane

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