Thursday, October 6, 2011

Issy is so Happy!

Isadora Issy Spider Monkey finally has her palace!! Thanks to all of your donations, and a great construction crew we moved her in about a week ago!

At first she was a little scared of the vines and still is just now getting into the barrel to sleep, but she loves the space! My friend Carol came to visit and said she seems so much calmer! She is tired after running around so much! We visit several times a day and she is always excited to see us and show off her latest leaps and acrobatics.

She is now mastering the vines. We still have to paint the roof green and do lots more decorating of vines and plants, but it is complete!!

She shares her habitat with the 2 curassows (who are also loving the flight area and high perches) and a pair of Swainson's toucans. The toucans we had in the smaller cage on the side for a day, planning on putting them in with her after a couple of weeks of adaptation. The morning after we moved the toucans into the side cage, Jorge came running in to wake me up, "The toucans are missing!" We took off across the lawn to find the toucans in the cage with Issy, she had opened the inner door and invited them in! They are all getting along and seem to be one large happy family...Amazing.

New Arrival Twili, short for Lily2...and because she has bitten me in the neck, so she is named after the Twilight series! Twili was found on the ground by some kind folks in the Guapiles area and came in from the Minae office in that area. She weighs only 505 grams and is very tiny! She is getting along really well, and Milo cannot stop licking her! She loves her froggy and is keeping me up all night long :)

Pokey also came in from the same office in Guapiles with severe bite wounds from a dog or large cat...she was out on her own for quite some time before she was found and was really suffering. She is a juvenile mexican hairy porcupine, like Quilla. She is having touble with one of the wounds in her back leg and has trouble walking, and is currently living with Janet the vet who had to open up all the wounds since they were infected. She has a great appetite, and is recovering nicely, so she will join us soon.

Prince the large hawk will be moving into his incredible habitat next week!! He will also be a happy camper.

Will send photos.

I sit on the porch and can watch the macaws and amazons in their new cages, Issy swinging around in hers, the hawks cage under construction, Jou Jou the kinkajou sound asleep in her new area, the second guest house now under way and I think "My dreams are coming true!" I am so blessed.

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