Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marley sloth Released!

Here is Marley sleeping in the huge Almond tree on our farm! Marley is the fourth Two Toed sloth that we have released! Many of you met Marley and were able to see him while he was here recuperating. He came from the Caribbean side of the country with severe wounds on his body, possible from a fight with another sloth, and injuries like if he had been hit by a car, or fallen a great distance. Initially refusing to use his arms and hand for several weeks. He also had severe infections in his feet possibly from barbed wire. He was here a little over a month and we cared for him around the clock. Being a wild sloth he did not take to the usual sloth fare around here of green beans and carrots, so every day we had to go find leaves for him to eat...up to 70 leaves a day!! We even had our B+B guests searching for the nice tender almond leaves that were his favorite.

We released Marley 3 weeks ago. He had a bit of trouble climbing the tree since it is so covered in vines, bromelieads, orchids, moss which is very usual in the rainforest. But he made it to the top and found a nice place to rest.

After he was settled, Jorge discovered that there was another sloth in the same tree! We were worried that another fight might happen...but a few days later the other sloth had moved on, and sloth fights are not common.

A week later Jorge found him in the same tree, but he had made it down the tree to pee and poo, so we were confidant that he was using his arms. Another week went by, and I found him still in the same tree.....and this week we was gone. I did not find him anywhere, so that is a good sign. He changed trees and has adapted to being wild again :)

On the other side of the river from Marley I found this very young sloth, probably recently left on her own by her mother. She was just hanging out and resting. Maybe someday they will hook up!! It's good to know that although they are mostly solitary he will have company if he chooses.

So, another successful release of an adult sloth, makes me feel good, proud of the work that we do here at The Toucan Rescue Ranch. We will be looking for Marley every time we visit the farm!

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  1. Hurray for Marley! And lots of kudos to y'all for the wonderful work you do! :D

    Waggin at ya,