Friday, December 27, 2013

Final Countdown to build our clinic!

Final Countdown!! 56 hours left to donate to our clinic, please help us take care of all these precious beings, pass along to friends, family any donation is greatly appreciated! Group together, everyone donate just $10 and we can build a clinic soon! 

 Meet Noelia, baby spider monkey that came in last night very dehydrated from a horrible pet situation where her tail was severed. A perfect example of why we need a clinic!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adopt a Sloth, Toucan, Owl, Otter, Monkey.....for the Holidays!

It's up and running!! Adopt a Sloth or Toucan..owl, otter. monkey for the Holidays! We have had numerous requests, so please go to our website and view the adoption list!

Friday, November 22, 2013

We are building a Clinic!!

The Toucan Rescue Ranch desperately needs a clinic, we are accepting very rare, endangered animals, always are receiving birds with broken wings, very difficult cases.
Please see our Indiegogo Campaign to help us build this important clinic.  Pass along to friends, other blogs, FB, Twitter all the social media that I do not know much about!!
We need your help,

Help make it happen for 'Toucan Rescue Ranch Needs a Clinic' #indiegogo   via @indiegogo

Your donation and sharing is greatly appreciated!!  Please consider giving a gift certificate of a donation for the Holidays!!  This little baby Natalie needs your help.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall Update!

Fall Update!

We have been so busy that I have not kept up the Blog!!  Sorry, here are some of the highlights of the last few months!

Meet River Otter Emma, who came to us as a tiny baby from the Sarapiqui River.  She was involved in an incident of children on vacation swimming in the river who decided to throw rocks and separate her from her family.  Very sad.  Fortunately another lady who came to the river with her children realized what was happening, scolded the children and tried to get the baby otter to go back into the river and she would not swim away.  So the lady stuck Emma in her purse and took her to the wildlife official who then drove over the mountains in the pouring down rain on a Saturday night to deliver her to our care.  After a rocky start she is thriving!
Meet Gigi  Great Grison, our first weasel!!  She is very similar to Emma, webbed feet, enjoys playing like crazy with Emma (separated, but they can interact).  She came into the program because her mother was poisoned.  She was very ill, and has since then gained lots of weight and is growing into a lovely weasel.  Gigi was featured on TV as an ambassador to other grisons, we did some education and asked people to please protect them and not poison them just because they are different and people are not familiar with them.
Meet Cooper!  Tiny three toed sloth that came into The Toucan Rescue Ranch in August!  My mother and niece were waiting for me at the airport while I was receiving and caring for Cooper!  He had lots of babysitters his first few days, which was  a good thing, he needed the warmth and care.

We have also received 12 new toucans these past months, a record of toucans coming into the program.  Some were confiscated pets, others juveniles and babies fallen from nests.   We are receiving birds and animals from all over the country, sometimes they drive for a full day, all the way from the border to bring them to us.  We have had to turn down many, and sadly it is clear that we are running out of space, but we refuse to overcrowd enclosures and we need to keep our current animals happy and healthy.

A Record of Releases!

We released Coco our  rescued Squirrel and have not seen her at all, hopefully she will come back to visit someday to let us know she survived.
  We also have successfully released the baby Striped owlets that were born here, and they have come back to visit, so that is really fun to be out at night and hear them calling!
And also little Armandito the Armadillo grew up!  was hunting bugs in the dirt on his own, so we released him right here on the property.  Although I have not seen him, I have found holes in the ground from an armadillo scouting for food.

We received a large juvenile Black Hawk from Carara National Park, and successfully rehabilitated him and he was released back to the park!!  The Minae Park rangers were very excited to see him all recovered.  And also a Kite, we were able to release here on the property and another striped owl from a nearby neighborhood.

Successful Breeding of Emerald Tucanets!

Two little ones hatched, here is the father feeding one of them.  This is a huge boost to our program, everything we are learning about breeding, the nest logs, diets, duration of babies in the nest etc.  We are applying to the larger toucans to hopefully be successful in breeding the Keel billed toucans for eventual release.

We are working on the website constantly, so please stay in touch with the site, and Facebook as well.
Exciting new projects in the works!!  Will post soon about our campaign to fund raise for a much needed clinic.  Your help and support are needed!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Update


Toucan Rescue Ranch

Spring Update!

In Jan and Feb. we had a wonderful film crew staying with us from Sweden!  They were making a documentary about The Toucan Rescue Ranch.  It was great fun, but very exhausting with guests here in the B+B as well, animals coming into the rescue center and interviews!!  We are glad that the filming is over, but miss everyone dearly.  We did not expect the experience to be so emotionally draining, and actually they were able to film so much of the day to day operations here at the ranch, that indeed it does get very emotional at animals, following the wildlife inspectors on a raid to rescue birds and a kinkajou etc.
My great friend Terrie (Millie book author) came to visit and help for 10 days, she was terrific and I could not of done it all without her help!!  Thank you Terrie!!  Anytime you are ready to move down just let us know!
So, I am going to do a photo update!
Meet Tabu!
The name means forbidden and sacred, which he is,
Tabu is an Oncilla one of the most endangered cats in Costa Rica and the smallest of the wild cats.  He came in from Cartago over the holidays, he showed up in peoples back yards looking for food.
It is a long story, but he came here and 4 different wildlife folks have been here to evaluate him and people that have worked with feral cats, and everyone basically thinks the same thing...he is used to people because at an early stage in his life he was probably someones pet.  Poached out of the forest as a kitten, then as he is getting larger he is more scary and can be dangerous, and they probably let him go.
I really wanted to release him, but because he is so endangered and looks to humans for food, it was decided that he should stay here.  He is about the same size as a house cat.  We have been very fortunate and two of our guests gave very nice donations and we are building him a huge enclosure!

More new arrivals:


Meet Max!
Max came in from a horrible living situation, he was confiscated out of a terrible place where he was chained up living inside of an old washing machine barrel.  He is having some neurological muscle trouble from being on such a tight chain, but after a few months recovering he is now in the same enclosure with Jou Jou, our resident kinkajou and they are so in love it is just precious to see.  Take a look at youtube video and on facebook, Toucan Rescue Ranch to see them playing together!
Baby Natalie a tiny tiny newborn sloth has been with us for 2 months now and if finally getting along well, it was up and down several times, but now she is eating well and making good progress!
Stella came in recently from a road stop during Easter break.  The wildlife dept. sets up road blocks to inspect cars for contraband, and they found little Stella poached away from her mother in the trunk of this man's car.  Totally against the law to take wild animals from the forest.
For Stella it was a huge painful ordeal...when they took her out of the tree, or away from her mother they unfortunately pulled her legs and for several days she was unable to even move.  With walking and climbing therapy she is doing really well!!!
Zoom Zoom and Flash, our Striped owl babies are now grown up and learning to hunt in this beautiful owl training center that we recently completed!!
Meet Armandillo!!  He is a baby 9 banded armadillo that was saved from a severe dog attack.  The first time I have raised an armadillo and I am learning all kinds of interesting facts about them!!  His shell is still not hard, and is drinking a great formula that we make up daily for cute!

Millie is 6 years old!!

Happy Birthday Millie!

Well that is a brief update!!  It is really only the highlights, so much is happening here at The Toucan Rescue Ranch, we are updating Facebook weekly, so please sign up!
Follow us on Twitter! 
And please check out our new website!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Spectacled Owl

This lovely spectacled owl came in from the Caribbean coast. She was injured and someone found her and took her to the local police station. The days went by, shifts of different police came and went and they kept forgetting to call Minaet to pick her up.
She spent four days with no food or water, in pain and loosing her will to survive.
Finally someone remembered her and called. They went immediately to pick her up and drove her several hours to us.
We started fluid therapy right away since she was so dehydrated, my good friend Jenny from was with me every step of the way via skype and e-mails! Thank You!!
We were not sure if she was going to survive, it was touch and go for a few days, I was up at 3am giving fluids and trying to get her to eat some food!  She was a very good patient and cooperated.
She is doing so much better, she is now upright, much more active and has gained 100g. in just a week of being here. She has a head injury and fractured wing. The vet is coming up this weekend to check on her and see if we have to amputate her wing (I sure hope not!) and check to see if she has vision in her left eye. 
Zoom Zoom and Flash are doing great, growing leaps and bounds!  Proud parents are very attentive and doing a great job of caring for these young ones.  
Lately I have been The Owl Rescue Ranch!
Are you looking to "Adopt" one of our beautiful birds, sloths or animals for the Holidays???
My niece was able to fund raise $200 to go towards these lovely baby owls, we are trying to raise $2000 to build a long flight training cage, so that we have an area to train owls and other birds for release.  The cage would be built here on our property by the creek, which is like a mini rain forest.  Is anyone willing to match this donation?  Please help us out, we need just 9 people to match this initial donation to meet our goal.
As you can see, these babies are growing fast, we need to start construction right away!
I will be posting updates and some other "Adoption" ideas for the holidays.
We have a new Face Book page, so sign up!  and you can also follow us on Twitter!!  yes, I am getting help with all of this!!
And new website coming soon.  Check out the links below.
Thank you all for your support!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Breaking News!

Owlets hatched!
We are very proud to announce our first breeding of Striped Owls.
The first chick hatched out two days ago and the second chick today.  She had two fertile eggs.  Mother and babies are doing just fine and the other owls in the enclosure come to visit, one is the proud Dad, but I have not figured out which of the two is the Dad!!
Striped owls are interesting because they nest on or close to the ground.  This mom, has been sitting on her eggs for around 33 days.
They have already been "adopted" by my niece Mari and her friends.  They recently ran a 5K race in honor of the Toucan Rescue Ranch, and asked at the time who they could adopt, they had come up with two names:
Flash and Zoom Zoom, so I said, well, we have this owl on eggs.....and sure enough they have hatched.  Thank you team toucan so much!!
This has been an exciting few days!!  We will be monitoring these babies closely, and will work with a biologist, and my great friend Jenny Papka of
to see if we can eventually release these two owls right here at The Toucan Rescue Ranch.